Crafted Wellness Offerings

Choose from one of the following kits or schedule a consultation to create something unique.

Fit Kit
Keeping your employees healthy and happy
On-site Fitness Classes
Dedicated Health Concierge
Health Fair
Well-Being Kit
Wellness software helps track progress and encourages health habits
Wellness Software Platform
On-site Fitness Classes
24-hour access to online videos
Health Fair

Or choose from the menu of services below to create your own program:

Weight Loss Program

Our Health Coaches will help your team make sustainable changes to their eating and lifestyle habits to positively improve their wellbeing thru inspiration, guidance, motivation and education.

Wellness Software

Connect with your health. Our online platform helps with:

  • Assessment
  • Goal Setting Tools
  • Activity Trackers
  • Behavior Change Campaigns
  • Evaluation and Incentives

Health Concierge

Shine bright with your Health Concierge to support you. You can count on expert advice on how to turn up the volume on any initiative or just get a reliable referral.

Corporate Farmers Markets

VIVOS partners with the best California pesticide free farmers to bring the charm and quality of our local produce to your work place. Companies can offer a buffet style display for monthly gatherings or one time events to welcome special guests.

Classes: Work it out where you work!


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